Wander is an optional "special" explore Event that can be used when you encounter any of the Domains of the Deities.

Instead of giving you one of the three random events in the PentPlane (Combat, a Gachapon, or a Domain) you will instead be venturing inside a domain for special events. Wanders serve as sort of contained-mini zones in that sense.

Eternal Arena WandersEdit

  • The Arena Gate
  • A Power Construct
  • A Red Sheet of the PentPlane Hymn
  • A Pool of Power

Wall of Balance WandersEdit

  • a Wall Guard
  • A Defense Construct
  • A Blue Sheet of the PentPlane Hymn
  • A Pool of Order

Road of Epochs WandersEdit

Tower of Life WandersEdit

Throne of Gold WandersEdit

  • A Power Construct
  • A Defense Construct
  • A Gold Sheet of the PentPlane Hymn

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