Treasure Chests in the Dungeon come in five colors, corresponding to the five Churches (each is also marked with the church's symbol). Opening the chest requires you to answer a trivia question correctly; the answer can be found in the snippets of the church's Holy Text that you can learn while visiting the Church.

If you answer the question correctly, you are granted a +1 (or, in the case of Zorom, +5) bonus to the stat that the deity rules over.

Chest Color Question Correct Awnser
White "What is Spediphis's goal?" To meet someone on her path
White "How does Spediphis appear?" Angelic in Gold
White "Where does Spediphis wander?" On the Road of Epochs
Green "How does Zorom view his destiny?" As a puzzle
Green "Where does Zorom reside?" On the Tower of Life
Green "What is Zorom's greatest irony?" He appears as a corpse.
Blue "How does Armon appear?" He never shows his face
Blue "What did Armon use to create the world?" Structure
Blue "Where does Armon reside?" Behind the infinite wall.
Red "What did Krillix use to create the world?" Blood
Red "How does Krillix appear?" In crimson battle armour
Red "Where does Krillix reside?" In the Eternal Arena
Purple "What does Randal Smith fear?" His dynasty's end
Purple "Where does Randal Smith reside?" The Throne of Gold
Purple "What did Randal Smith create?" Everything

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