The Staff is the weapon type used by Wizards, Clerics, Necromancers, Druids, and Darkfolk. It is always found alongside the Rune.

All classes with staves (and runes) use a charge mechanic, where they may spend a turn performing a special fourth battle action to fill up their mana bar. Higher-level staves provide a larger maximum mana capacity.

List of Staves Edit

  1. Staff of Simple Intent: Max charge value of 3.
  2. Staff of Mixed Interest: Max charge value of 5.
  3. Staff of Complex Reasoning: Max charge value of 7.
  4. Staff of Variable Functions: Max charge value of 10.
  5. Staff of Deep Manuals: Max charge value of 12.
  6. Staff of Bitter Designs: Max charge value of 15.
  7. Staff of Golden Process: Max charge value of 17.
  8. Staff of Irrational Schemes: Max charge value of 20.
  9. Staff of Grand Wizardry: Max charge value of 25.

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