Spediphis is one of the four gods you can encounter at the PentPlane. 

According to the texts spreaded across the PentPlane, Speddiphis gave the human Depth.

Spediphis is the goddess of Time and Fate, representing the attribute speed. She is seen wearing a plain white dress, a gold tiara, and using a wooden stick. On her back are located wings.

Offering 25 gold at her altar will cause you to gain a +1 Speed Boost, but you will lose 1 armor stat.

At your encounter with her, she has 555 HP. If you defeat her, she will give a large boost to one stat of your choice.


Spediphis is the the only boss in the game to have a changing costume (much like the Inconspicious Bear and the Obvious Mimic) in that she has two costumes, picked at random. The first one is a simple greek style white dress. The second one is instead completely golden, with her wearing golden boots/sandals instead of being bare foot.