Runes are an equipment type used by Wizards, Clerics, Necromancers, Druids, and Darkfolk. It is always found alongside the Staff.

All classes with runes (and staves) use a charge mechanic, where they may spend a turn performing a special fourth battle action to fill up their mana bar by an amount dependent on their current rune. Higher-level runes provide more mana per charge.

Obtaining the Rune of Enragement unlocks the Necromancer class, and yields the Raging for a Bit Achievement.

Unusually, Necromancers and Clerics start with the tier 2 Rune of Astonishment, rather than the tier 1 Rune of Beginnerment.

List of Runes Edit

  1. Rune of Beginnerment (2)
  2. Rune of Astonishment (3)
  3. Rune of Testament (4)
  4. Rune of Ovalment (6)
  5. Rune of Enragement (8)
  6. Rune of Chargiment (10)
  7. Rune of Wonderment (12)
  8. Rune of Reimbursement (14)
  9. Rune of Finality (16)

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