Lonely purple potion
A Potion (not to be confused with a Health Potion) is a random event item found in the Dungeon. These items have descriptive names involving an adjective and its color. Upon finding one, you are given the choice of whether to "Drink" the potion or to "Leave" it alone. There are no bonuses or penalties for leaving it. If you choose to drink it, one of your vital stats may increase or decrease by 1, or my heal or harm you. Each effect is equally likely, and the description doesn't make any difference.


  • A lonely purple potion
  • A misty clear potion
  • A sparkling green potion
  • A sweet red potion
  • An ancient brown potion


"You chug it down..."

  • "It tastes powerful, you feel stronger." (+1 PWR)
  • "It tastes aweful, you feel weakened." (-1 PWR)
  • "It tastes solid, you feel harder." (+1 ARM)
  • "It tastes unhealthy, you feel softer." (-1 ARM)
  • "It tastes quick, you feel faster." (+1 DEX)
  • "It tastes like turtle soup, you feel slower." (-1 DEX)
  • "It tastes refreshing, you feel healthier." (Recover 1-30 HP)
  • "It tastes bitter, you feel drained." (Take 1-30 damage, potion was poison)

Death By PoisonEdit

If your HP is low, drinking a potion that turns out to be poison may kill you. If this happens, your YASD Tombstone reads:

"You were poisoned by an unlabeled potion!"