The PentPlane Hymn is a set of text fragments which may be read in the Third Area.

An event allowing you to view a fragment of the PentPlane Hymn is one of the possible results of the Wander action. Each fragment is two lines long, and begins with an odd-numbered line. There is no apparent correlation between the location from which one Wanders and the hymn fragments which may be viewed.

Text of the PentPlane Hymn Edit

Apparent errors present (as of game version 1.55) in the PentPlane Hymn have been marked as such. (As an exception, the trailing comma on almost all lines (which should not be present) has been preserved but not marked.)

1. Lo' the world!
2. One arisen of four. 
3. Armon gave it structure, 
4. Krillix gave it soul, 
5. Spediphis gave it depth, 
6. Zorom gave it life. 
7. Each for their own, 
8. Creatures in their image' [sic]
9. Yet there was one to dominate,
10. Thus became man.
11. Each gave their own, 
12. Man from four. 
13. Smith became his name, 
14. One combined image,
15. Yet his power too great,
16. His mind corrupted.
17. He turned against them, 
18. A war against his makers,
19. All in one,
20. A fatal mistake.
21. All is greater than one,
22. And so he fought.
23. They fought back,
24. Not one a match.
25. Yet united, 
26. They would undo him.
27. Yet in turn,
28. Undo themselves.
29. Taken to another plane, 
30. A land of no harm. 
31. But with him, they came, 
32. Five in this hell, 
33. Their powers weakened, 
34. Their influence diminished, 
35. Only in their dreams, 
36. May they affect their world.

Notes on (presumed) typos Edit

  • Line 8 concludes with an apostrophe. This is probably a typo.

Meaning of the HymnEdit

The 4 deities created the first human named Randal Smith by giving him structure, soul, depth and logic. However, such immense power infused into one human corrupted Randal Smith and caused him to turn against his makers. In a one on one duel, each of the 4 gods could not best him because Randal Smith outmatched them in their own attributes. By uniting together, the 4 gods were able to fight Smith on equal grounds but the battle would end in a deadly draw. Instead they managed to drag Smith and themselves into the PentPlane. This great battle crippled the 5 entities to the point where they are in no condition to be doing any further fighting.Thus, the 4 gods shared a dream together that the player would arise and undo Smith, while Smith himself hopes that the player defeats the 4 gods for himself. This results in the player venturing into the PentPlane and making the decision to either fulfill the destiny to undo the first man, or to be fated to succumb to the evils of man himself.

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