In the Dungeon, several notes can be found on the walls. They can give you useful hints about various things.

List of NotesEdit

Vote Wombo for Dungeon President!
I won't try to kill you!

Visit Herschell's Kosher Kube Kitchen!
Located behind the Red Kosher Kube

Beware of Dungeon Wanderers!
When one feels six, one needs to be quick.

They don't want you to know about the pit!
It's not bottomless, another world lies beneath.

Hey, anyone seen my spare keys to the pit room?
- Frendle, Dungeon Maintenance Worker

Hey, who knows about those weird churches?
They apparently have six important texts.

Ever wonder where the DM is?
I think he's hiding somewhere.

I think the shopkeepers are working together.
They keep raising and lowering their prices!

Kinda feel sorry for Dungeon Wanderers.
I think a few of em' carry keys, though.

Hey, anyone ever wonder about the churches?
Maybe theres a little truth to them.

Pfft, Randology is such a scam. Look at them!
What kinda' monk wears a bowler hat?

I am sick of this filth on the walls.
Somebody clean this mess up! - DM

Hey, about those pots laying around.
I think they can just as easily help or hurt.

What's with all the angry newts around?
I heard good flute players have quick fingers.

Hey, you can avoid bombs!
If you see one, leave before it blows.

Red Shrooms apparently can't kill.
In fact, I feel healthier when they die.

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