"A core psion class!"








Hammer, Sense, Focus

Starting HP:


Starting Stats:

5 Dex, 3 Pwr, 1 Arm

Stat Gains:

2 Dex, 2 Pwr, 2 Arm, 15 HP



The esper is a core psion class which uses attack augmentation.



  • Deals ((Pwr+d4)*Weapon) damage.
  • Has an accuracy of (Dex+d8).
  • Reduces your temporary armor by 1.


  • Doubles the damage of your next Hammer.
  • Costs 1 PP.
  • Doesn't use up your turn.


  • Adds (Dex/2) accuracy to your next Hammer.
  • Costs 1 PP.
  • Doesn't use up your turn.

Strategies and TipsEdit

  • Esper is a pretty simple class, it doesn't require any complex strategies. All you need to do is survive the first few levels, then you can simply use Sense and Focus every turn before you Hammer, and enjoy your strong, accurate attacks.
  • Early on, when you don't yet have much PP, just use plain Hammer against weaker enemies and Sense against tougher enemies. Once you start fighting Kubes, use Focus instead, or both if you can afford it by then.
  • You should upgrade your gem as soon as possible, tier 4 by level 6 would be best. The gem's bonus is small, but you'll need a fair bit of PP by level 6 to handle Dungeon Wanderers and Angry Mobs. The rest of your gold should go to health potions. The first few tiers of the hammer won't make much difference to your damage this early on.
  • If necessary, you can increase your max PP by offering to Spediphis to get more Dex at the cost of Arm, but you shouldn't need to unless you can't upgrade your gem enough and get really unlucky with unlabelled potions.
  • If you survive to level 8, you shouldn't have any more trouble. Upgrade your hammer a bit and stock up on potions, and try to start with full health when you fight the first boss. You should have enough PP by now to use Sense and Focus on every attack, which should let you win easily enough.

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