"A melee class!"








Kick, Chop, Break

Starting HP:


Starting Stats:

5 Dex, 5 Pwr, 2 Arm

Stat Gains:

2 Dex, 2 Pwr, 2 Arm, 15 HP


Get an Orange Belt



  • Deals ((Pwr-lvl*2)*Weapon) damage per kick.
  • The first kick has an accuracy of (Dex+d6-lvl-3).
  • The second kick has an accuracy of (Dex+d4-lvl-3).
  • The third kick has an accuracy of (Dex).
  • Combo is increased by number of successful kicks.
  • Reduces temporary armor by (Arm/2).


  • Deals ((Pwr+d4)*Weapon) damage.
  • Has an accuracy of (Dex+d12).
  • Combo is increased by 1 if attack hits.


  • Deals ((Combo+d4)*Weapon) damage.
  • Has an accuracy of (Dex+d8).
  • Resets Combo to 0.
  • Combo starts at 0 each fight.

Strategies and TipsEdit

  • Win or lose the Enforcer is still the most badass looking class to play. Have you seen his shades?
  • Ideally chop will be the only skill you will use, it has high base DEX and scales well with PWR
  • Kick's formula seems somewhat broken in almost all levels, Chop will, most of the time, out damage it. Do not recommend using Kick. Plus ARM gets a temporary debuff.
  • Break does not scale with PWR, so unless the fight is extremely long to the point that you have a ridiculously high combo counter, ideally you will not be using this skill.
  • The Enforcer can take a hit, but has low HP scaling. Makes sure you stock pots accordingly.
  • Ideally you want your equipment upgraded in a 1:1 ratio. Enforcer strives on a balance of damage and defence.
  • Wouldn't recommend using churches because the Enforcer's level stats is pretty equal. If having trouble landing chop, getting DEX is okay, but you shouldn't need too much.
  • Early levels, you may want to get PWR and sacrifice DEX, but make sure you address this issue by the end of dungeon 1. (DEX is the most important stat)

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