"A mage class!"








Zap/Sting, Smog/Buzz, Swarm/Form

Starting HP:


Starting Stats:

5 Dex, 4 Pwr, 3 Arm

Stat Gains:

2 Dex, 2 Pwr, 2 Arm, 15 HP


Reach the Second Area

Druids are those who are both pure and in tune with Green Magic, which, though similar to, is not the same as "Essence," but more refined. Druids relish in their ability to take the form of any creature, however, they suffer in that they must "refresh" every so often into a new form or else they will lose the potency of their power.

Druid is the only mana class that doesn't have a charge button, it is also the only class that has six skills (two for transforming in and out of swarm form) that alternate based on form.


Druids had a completely different appearence in Alpha, where they did have a charge button, three transformations, and transforming was, as a result, completely optional.

This, however, was simply not fun - forms, instead of focusing on different stats, simply had an increase in power (the three forms were regular, swarm, and bear) and had little to no real utility in the mostly quick and turn-light battles of Second Wind. They simply delayed victory with no real benefit.



  • Zap deals (Pwr+d12) damage with an accuracy of (Dex+d12).
  • Sting deals (Dex+d12) damage with an accuracy of (Dex+d12).
  • Costs 1 mana.


  • Smog reduces enemy Dex by (Dex/3), effect stacks.
  • Buzz reduces enemy Pwr by (Pwr/3), effect stacks.
  • After an enemy has had a stat reduced, Zap or Sting will add back that amount to the enemy's Dex (even if Pwr was reduced), and will keep adding Dex beyond what the enemy started with.
  • Costs 2 mana.


  • Switches between the two sets of skills.
  • Charges your mana.

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