Daggers are a weapon used by Rogues, Bards, and Mercenaries.

Unlike all other weapons and equipment, daggers have 10 tiers. Because of this, when receiving the strongest weapon from defeating Krillix, you get the second best dagger instead.

List of Daggers Edit

  1. Dagger of Lollercy: Does not amplify your attack.
  2. Dagger of Vagrancy: Amplifies attack by 1.1.
  3. Dagger of Molarity: Amplifies attack by 1.2.
  4. Dagger of Cleanliness: Amplifies attack by 1.3.
  5. Dagger of Confusion: Amplifies attack by 1.4.
  6. Dagger of Red Herrings: Amplifies attack by 1.5.
  7. Dagger of Golden Treachery: Amplifies attack by 1.6.
  8. Dagger of Obsidian Souls: Amplifies attack by 1.7.
  9. Dagger of Infinite Pain: Amplifies attack by 1.8.
  10. Dagger of No Equal: Amplifies attack by 2.

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