Quilogist Priestess

Quilogy Priestess

The Church of Quilogy is a religious organization that worships Spediphis, and believes in action and quickness.

Usefulness Edit

Offering 25 gold to Spediphis at the Church of Quilogy will increase Dexterity by 1 but lower Armor by 1. the trade-off is that you will be able to hit the enemy more often, but the enemy will also hit you more often.

Followers of QuilogyEdit

The heads of Quilogy, the Quilogist Priestesses, are said to embrace the light. They refer to the standard followers of Quilogy as "Lightfoot".

Quilogy ReligionEdit

Exerpts from the Quilogy's religious book:

  • Reflex 1:1 In the beginning, time was sentient. Spediphis controlled it, she was it's master
  • Reflex 2:8 She controlled time using her will. There was nothing she could not reach
  • Trace 3:15 And on the Road of Epochs, Spediphis Walked, Her power infinite
  • Trace 9:3 Wearing her finest golden sandals, The angelic godess Spdiphis walks.
  • Nimble 5:2 Spediphis addressed her shadow, "Do not fear action, it is the path to resolve"
  • Marathon 5:11 A man who cannot act, is a man waiting for others to beat him so.
  • Vigilance 7:7 Spediphis will reach her goal, someone who she will meet on her path

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