A Priest of Killogy.

The Church of Killogy is a religious organization that worships the God Krillix, and believes in offensive strength, violence, and blood.


Offering 25 gold to Krillix at the Church of Killogy will increase your Power attribute, but will lower your Dexterity. This means you will hit harder but less often. If you are able to consistantly hit your opponents but aren't doing enough damage, sacrificing some Dexterity for some Power may be worth it.

Followers of KillogyEdit

Killogist Priests are those who act as intermediates between Krillix and followers of Killogy. They appear calm, but harbor quiet bloodlust. Followers of Killogy are encouraged to kill those who don't believe in Killogy, fight whenever possible, and even murder others.

Killogy ReligionEdit

Exerpts from the Killogy's religious book:

  • Ichor 1:1 - In the beginning, there was blood. It flowed throughout the world, it created life.
  • Ichor 1:5 - Krillix absorbed the holy substance And spread it among the men of the world.
  • Vengence 3:12 - Without murder, there is no blood. Without blood, there is no life.
  • Vengence 5:11 - Krillix is the supreme way. Kill everybody! All who do not believe his ways!
  • War 2:7 - And in the arena of man, Krillix sat, "You shall fight for your right on this earth!"
  • Worth 2:7 - Donned in his finest crimson armor, The god Krillix sharpens his blade.
  • Worth 3:24 - Krillix awaits his greatest challenger. The Nether Lands, in his Eternal Arena he waits.