Defogist monk

A Defogist monk

The Church of Defolgy is a religious organization that worships the God Armon, and believes in defensive strength, order, and structure.


Offering 25 gold to Armon at the Church of Defolgy will increase your Armor attribute, but will lower your Max HP. While this means you will be defeated faster if enemies would do the same amount of damage before the offerings, you will take less damage and may be able to avoid some altogether.

Followers of DefolgyEdit

Defogist Monks are devout members of Defolgy. They seemed to have mastered the art of pain immunity from their practice. It seems that standard members of the religion - those who are not monks - are known as Protectorate.

Defolgy ReligionEdit

Exerpts from the Defolgy's religious book:

  • Walls 1:1 - In the beginning, there was chaos. And Armon controlled it, he kept it contained.
  • Walls 2:3 - These bricks, they cannot hold. There is a crack, and they will break in the end.
  • Defcon 3:9 - And behind the walls of infinity, Armon sat, never to be damaged by mortals.
  • Defcon 7:11 - Hidden beneath impenetrable protection, Armon will never show his true form.
  • Length 5:2 - Armon commanded his followers, "Do not fear death, it cannot hurt you here!"
  • Jericho 4:5 - A man who hides in the open, Is a man waiting for his death.
  • Absolution 3:24 - Armon waits for the inevitable, A breach, death will break down his wall.

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