Armor, confusingly, refers to two different things in Second Wind: a core character statistic and a type of equipment.

Armor as a statistic Edit

Armor is a defensive statistic, presided over by the deity Armon. It represents ability to block attacks, and resistance to damage for some classes.

Armor as an equipment type Edit


Armor is also an equipment type, used by Warriors, Mercenaries, Blackguards, Paladins, and Enforcers.

Armor provides direct resistance to damage.

List of Armors Edit

  1. Armor of Insecurity: Provides 1 resistance to damage.
  2. Armor of Lesser Insecurties: Provides 3 resistance to damage.
  3. Armor of Better Protection: Provides 6 resistance to damage.
  4. Armor of Endangered Hides: Provides 8 resistance to damage.
  5. Armor of Solid Elements: Provides 10 resistance to damage.
  6. Armor of Royal Servitude: Provides 12 resistance to damage.
  7. Armor of Golden Tonage: Provides 15 resistance to damage.
  8. Armor of Escher Recursion: Provides 20 resistance to damage.
  9. Armor of Invincible Invincibility: Provides 30 resistance to damage.

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